How to Choose Custom Optics From a Chinese Optical Lens Manufacturer

1As prices have increased for lenses in much of the western world, many people that have been buying their lenses in countries like the United States and the UK are moving their orders overseas instead.

A large percentage are now ordering custom optics from a Chinese optical lens manufacturer, as prices in China are still far lower.

Before you order from a Chinese optical lens manufacturer, however, here are some things a reputable company should offer you.

English-speaking staff — The top Chinese optical lens manufacturers have staff that can communicate with customers in English, French, German and Spanish, as well as a handful of other languages.

Just be sure the company you order your custom optics from does, as that way you will be far less likely to have problems due to a language barrier.

Internationally licensed manufacturing and testing facilities — Many of the top Chinese optical lens manufacturers are internationally licensed for both their manufacturing and testing facilities.

Manufacturing and testing is also carried out in the exact same manner it would be if done in the UK, the United States or any other western country.

That means you can guarantee the custom optics you receive will be manufactured to the same exacting specifications.

Competitive design fees — Getting Custom optics done is not just about the manufacturing process but also the design and engineering process too.

As a typical western optical lens manufacturer continues to increase their design fees, manufacturers in China are still offering the more affordable prices they always have.

Be sure to get quotes for both design fees and engineering fees, and then compare them with quotes from other companies in the same region. This will give you a good idea about the fees being charged, and if the manufacturer you want to place your order with offers competitive fees.


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