Custom Optics/Optical Lens Manufacturer

optic lenses

A brief overview of optical lens manufacturing process.

     The step for the manufacturing is analyzing the prescription from the doctor. The prescription is loaded into a specialized software widely used in the optical lens field. The next part of the process is actually picking what type of lens will be used. A layer of film is applied to the lens to protect the delicate lens scratches, which can occur if the process is not done correctly. The next part of the process is called blocking. In this process the lens is attached to a metal block, utilizing a special process. This blocking process will allow the lens to be able to be places in other types of machines for further processing. The next step involves code reading, and this step varies somewhat from lens to lens, because each lens generally has a different specification. The next step is the grinding process. The lens are loaded into a specially made grinding machine.

Once the lens goes through the grinding process, the surface of the lens is less polished than prior to the process. The next step in the manufacturing of lens process is called polishing. The lens is places in another specially made machine, that polishes the lens, makes the surface very smooth, and is treated with a special liquid that also makes the lens 100% transparent. The final step of the lens manufacturing process is called D blocking. During this process the lens is removed from the metal block. The film that was attached to the lens for protection during the first step is removed from the lens. After the entire process is complete, each lens goes through a stringent check by a professional quality controller. The controller check the lens for power, quality, and makes sure that the lens is a perfect match for the prescription.

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