Custom Optics Info

custom-optical-mirrorThe leading supplier of the custom optics of photonics products is Shanghai Optics. Shanghai Optics offer components of high precision optical and a high-quality lens. Shanghai has experienced more than 50 years in the field of visual design and manufacturing. The headquarters of Shanghai is at 17 Brant Avenue, suite 6 Clark in New Jersey in the United States. Shanghai Optics has other branch offices in Midwest, West coast, Canada, Australia, and also in China.

Shanghai Optics is certified to by the state of art metrology because of producing durable and good quality products in the world. The optic delivers good quality since they are always inspected by the metrology before being supplied to ensure they are in good state. The objective is to deliver quality to our customers.

Shanghai Optics has supplied their best quality optics to many countries at affordable and competitive prices. The quality services that Shanghai offers include Custom Optics Fabrication, Optical design optimization, optical system design, reverse engineering and much more. Shanghai optics produces a standard lens that is required by customers which perform according to the environmental requirement. Shanghai provides custom solutions and coating design for the excellent performance of the product.

Various optical components are used in applications of imaging, testing, microscopy, and measurement. The components include cylindrical lenses, aspheric lenses, optical filters, micro-optics, prisms, windows, mirrors, spherical, and aspheric lenses. To place an order with the Shanghai Optics, first, build your lens, and then request a quote by contacting one of their offices.

After the Shanghai Optics complete assembling the lens, there are various tests carried out to ensure that the lens meets the standards. The types of tests conducted include Humidity tests, temperature cycles, double reflection LAS centering and salt spray test. Always contact their sales engineers when you in need of custom design solutions.


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