Custom Optics

Shanghai Optics is a company that specializes in the manufacturing and assembly of lenses of photonic devices. The design covers imaging and illumination such as light-emitting diodes (LED) and gas illumination systems.

The company can design customized lenses that use ultraviolet or infrared technologies that are used in photography or monitoring of elements that cannot be captured with the normal lenses such as microscopy in laboratory examinations or metrology departments. Custom optics have also been designed for indoor and outdoor lighting systems where they tailor make them fit the owner’s specifications, this technology has also been used for automotive to give their customers an edge over their competitions.

All these advancements are made possible through the use of advanced technologies and tools which the engineers use for modeling and simulation of the products they design. The lenses after being developed are put into a thermal analysis to analyze their ability to work under certain temperatures, a couple of other tests are done too such as diffraction and stray light analysis to make sure that the lenses produced work optimally.

The company has 100 assembly stations with workers working 3 shifts using high accuracy assembly tools to assemble the lenses after which they undergo different tests to ensure that they are the best quality. If you want to make an order for a lens it is simple just visit their website and request for a quote whereby you enter your contact information and the requirements with specifications in terms of quantity and your budget the team after looking at your request will get back to you with full information pertaining the order. The company also allows buyers who are making bulk purchases to make a first article inspection (FAI) before making payments they also give their customers a 30-day risk-free warranty and a 1- year guarantee for orders that didn’t meet customers specifications.


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